Why Should You Buy a Complete Tool Set Bag

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Whether you are a homeowner who needs the best set of tools for around the house or a maintenance manager looking for efficient systems for your backlogged maintenance tasks, our complete tool sets, tool bags, and tool carts are a perfect solution over building your own tool bag, and we have five reasons to prove it!

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Complete Tool Set Bag Instead of Building Your Own Tool Box

  1. Incredible Selection of Tools
    When you buy a complete tool set from Mobile-Shop®, you’re not only getting over 90 of the most commonly used tools for nearly every residential or commercial need, but the peace of mind knowing you have the right tools waiting for you without having to make any trips to the hardware store mid-project.

  2. Effortless Organization
    Smart homeowners and maintenance managers know that having the right tools for daily or sporadic maintenance tasks is just one part of the job. The other part is keeping them well organized so you can find them when you need them.

    Since our complete tool set with bag features numbered and labeled pockets, keeping your tools safe, secure, and accounted for is effortless. In fact, our complete tool set with bag can be inventoried in under 30 seconds, which means you’ll know right away if a tool is missing before and after every job.

  3. Time Savings
    When you’ve got a long list of maintenance requests or emergency tasks where time is not on your side, you need the best systems in place to quickly and efficiently take care of business. Unlike standard toolboxes, our complete tool sets were designed with time savings and increased productivity in mind, saving our customers an average of 148 labor hours each year.

    With quick inventorying capabilities, designated pockets for every tool, and easy to maneuver tool cart systems, you’ll never have to make time-consuming trips or waste time searching every corner of the shop looking for what you need.

  4. Cost Savings
    As if better organization and time-saving capabilities weren’t enough, the Mobile-Shop® complete tool sets shine in cost-saving capabilities, too. Since our complete tool set with bag and tool carts are designed to keep your tools in one place at all times, you’ll never have to worry about buying costly storage cabinets or toolboxes.

    What’s more, when tools are exactly where you need them, jobs get done more quickly and without interruption due to missing tools. These small yet substantial efficiencies make it possible for our complete tool sets to drive a 36% increase in productivity for our customers and save nearly 150 labor hours per year.

  5. Improved Efficiency & ROI
    With highly organized tool systems designed to save you time and money, it only makes sense that you also benefit from overall improved efficiency and return on your investment. Our complete tool sets are like the extra pair of hands your maintenance crews need on the job, making them happier and more confident in their ability to quickly and efficiently complete tasks. We’d like to see another toolbox do that!


Wondering what one of our complete tool sets could do for you? The Mobile-Shop® ROI Calculator can estimate your return on investment with one of our complete tool sets. On average, our customers see a return on investment in 2.5 months!

When it comes to maximizing time savings, cost savings, efficiency, and organization, no other tool system does it better than Mobile-Shop®.  Shop our incredible selection of maintenance carts, tool bags, & mobile utility carts today and discover the difference a Mobile-Shop® complete tool system can make for your home or business! 

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