Twelve Things to do with a Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag

Two Mobile Shop Tool Bags

The Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag helps people complete thousands of different tasks. With the holiday season upon us, we thought we should share a few of our seasonal favorites. Here are the twelve things to do with your Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag this holiday season:

  1. Test the voltage on an electrical outlet before installing holiday lights (voltage tester)
  2. Assemble the toys (socket set, screwdriver and a place to hold your beer)
  3. Trim the tree (saw blades and handle)
  4. Hang the stockings by the chimney with care (hammer and a torpedo level)
  5. Stop that squeaky recliner from squeaking (WD40 and 3-in-one oil)
  6. Remove a pine needle splinter (tweezers)
  7. Replace that toilet fill valve before family comes over (adjustable wrench and groove joint wrench)
  8. Repair a light switch (screwdriver and needle-nose pliers)
  9. Fix the leaky faucet (Needle nose pliers and adjustable groove joint wrench)
  10. Light a pine-scented candle (lighter)
  11. Replace the dining room ceiling fan (screwdriver, needle nose, tripod flashlight, magnetic pick-up tool)
  12. Calculate holiday overspending (calculator)

Whatever this holiday season throws at you, the Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag has you covered. Happy holidays from our family to yours.

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