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BECO Management


BECO Management is a privately held commercial property management company that owns and manages over 3.5 million square feet of office space throughout the United States. Founded in 1986, they have grown their company to be granted 5-Star Diamond Certification by the American Association of Hospitality Sciences. BECO brings distressed commercial property back to life and creates remarkable workplace environments, truly transforming communities.    


With their growing portfolio, BECO Management needed a more efficient way to handle their maintenance needs. Their maintenance engineers were spending too much time during jobs and between jobs trying to locate and retrieve the tools they needed. They lacked in having a routine set of tools, most of their engineers relied on keeping tools in their desk drawers, and during jobs, they would have to assess and then go back to their shop to get what they needed. Another concern was how this looked to the tenants, being bothered with maintenance coming back and forth. They had to wonder, was it taking away from professionalism?     


In 2006 BECO Management decided that they needed to find a more efficient way for their maintenance team to work. They also wanted to have a more uniform look when it came to how they approached their tenants' spaces. In hopes of remedying the issues at hand, they decided to purchase several Mobile-Shop Tool Carts for their maintenance engineers. The carts were greeted with open arms by the maintenance staff, who felt that it showed that the company truly cared about the work they were doing and wanted to help them get jobs done to the best of their ability.    

The Mobile-Shop Carts helped the team in more ways than Madeline, VP of Property Management could have ever imagined. She was impressed by not only the efficiency the systems brought them, but also by how much more they were able to do on a job. 

"They received tools they never had before and began exploring and finding new ways to use them to resolve problems without calling a contractor." -Madeline   

Marty Quick, Senior Maintenance Engineer at BECO, found immediate relief when the Mobile-Shop Carts arrived.

"I could be working on an electrical job in one unit and go immediately to fix the plumbing in the next; it didn't matter what the job was, I was prepared. I had everything I needed right there with me. I didn't have to leave to change out tools."    

BECO saw a huge reduction in the time it takes their maintenance engineers to work on and finish a job, and their tenants were also very satisfied. "Tenants love them, the carts have really helped to give a cleaner and more professional look," Marty mentioned. They were able to see a quick return on investment in the carts just by the hours it saved in maintenance costs, and tenant satisfaction was an added bonus.    

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