Multifamily Owner & Operator Finds a Solution to Provide Excellence Maintenance Services

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Being in business for 50 years, Highland Management Group owns and operates 30 apartment communities in the Minneapolis area, managing over 3,500 units. They take pride in the maintenance and responsive service they provide to each of their properties.    


The Problem   

Trying to keep up at each property was becoming a difficult task. Their maintenance teams were responsible for providing their own tools for the job, and most of the time, they wouldn't have the right equipment needed for more significant projects. According to Bill Greenough, Regional Property Manager at Highland Properties, his team of maintenance technicians were taking anywhere from 2-4 trips to the maintenance shop or the store to get the tools they needed. This was really holding them back in the time it was taking to get apartments ready to be leased once the past tenant had moved out, a task they like to refer to as "turnovers."  

"Before Mobile-Shop, my system consisted of buckets of tools, which I transported in a shopping cart,"
- Martin Odgen, a maintenance technician at Highland Properties

When first discovering the Mobile-Shop Carts, the company decided to invest in 12 carts to use at selected properties. Having a maintenance background himself, Bill was skeptical at first as he didn't know how his technicians would feel about not using their preferred tools.    


The Solution   

As soon as Bill and his maintenance team received the carts, their minds changed. They saw the carts were filled with professional quality tools and provided more than they could have ever expected.    

"When I first saw a Mobile-Shop Cart, I thought it was incredible, everything an employee needs to do their daily job,"
- Martin Odgen

The team was able to see an immediate change in the time it took them to complete work orders and end of month turnovers. Martin mentioned that the cart has allowed him to get 75% of his time back, reducing trips back and forth to the shop to collect tools. When on a job, finding tools is easier and quicker with the Mobile-Shop Cart's organization system. 

The carts support their goals of providing excellent maintenance and responsive service by improving the completion time of jobs and the team's professionalism. 

The carts are used to their advantage in their leasing office. When not in use, the carts are displayed in the leasing office to prospective residents to show they are a step above their competition in the practice of maintenance and professionalism.    

In addition to the operational benefits, the carts improved employee morale. After implementing the carts, employees voiced how grateful they are to work at a company that thinks about them enough to supply the best tool system on the market.   

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