Making Senior Facility Maintenance MORE Efficient and LESS Costly

Why Senior Living Facility Managers Must Welcome Modern Maintenance Technology to Improve Efficiency 

According to Dan Roberge, President of Maintenance Care and writer for McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, a new technology called Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows facility managers to organize and track everything from work orders, to inventory, to assets, to costs and vendors.

Roberge is emphatic about the need for this new technology, stating, “Managers who want to maintain a safe facility for residents MUST make use of modern maintenance management technology.” In his article, “Why LTC Managers Must Embrace New Maintenance Technology,” he lists some reasons why this is absolutely necessary.

Facility Managers face an ever-growing list of responsibilities that include: providing technical support, product information, research and quality assurance guidance; establishing and monitoring a preventative maintenance program that will promote a sense of well-being and esthetic appeal for residents and staff; maintaining OSHA, ASHE, and State Fire Code or Life Safety compliance; and communication with and coordination of people and tasks to accomplish repairs and alterations to buildings and equipment systems. 

Trying to organize and track this list is difficult if not impossible when trying to do it “the old fashioned way” of pen and paper or even email.

How Does CMMS Work?  

Submitted work order requests are transferred to the CMMS operations platform to be processed in real-time. Operators are able to act on requests immediately, reducing time to completion and eliminating the need to manually provide status updates to residents and staff. It helps users coordinate activities and supports communication between departments. Users can see what parts have been ordered, what work needs to be done on which pieces of equipment, and more. (Source: Senior Living News)

Benefits of Implementing CMMS in a Healthcare or Senior Living Facility

Roberge has created a short list of CMMS benefits: 

  • • Make maintenance more streamlined and efficient. Work order software makes is easy for anyone to make a maintenance request, assign the task, update it with documentation and information, and more. Maintenance team members can see it all from one easily-accessible dashboard, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • • Lower maintenance costs. Not only does increased efficiency lead to cost savings and higher maintenance ROI, but you can track costs and assets. Users will be able to accurately forecast, plan, and streamline the facility maintenance budget.
  • • Keep up with preventative maintenance—keep track of all regular preventative maintenance activities so they don’t get lost or forgotten in the many on-demand requests.
  • • Use the mobile app to save time. Anyone can access the software from wherever they are, as long as they have a phone or tablet. This saves significant time—and time is money.
  • • Run reports remotely. You’ll be able to see stats regarding staff performance, facility trending, asset expenses and more, and export data to share, save and view in .csv formats.
  • • Notice improvements in the maintaining of these areas: security, HVAC; facility vehicles; fitness room/equipment; electrical; swimming pools/spas; plumbing; resident apartments/rooms; fire safety; landscape maintenance; elevators; windows/doors; parking areas; dining rooms; kitchen equipment.

I hope this short introduction to CMMS technology has illustrated why it is needed in the modern senior living facility maintenance industry and the many benefits it provides. An investment in this software is small when compared to improved efficiency and the time and money it will save, not to mention the assurance of safety for your residents and staff. 


More on Improving Maintenance Management: The Mobile-Shop System

More efficient communication and time management is one but not the only way to impact the effectiveness of senior living facility maintenance. The Mobile-Shop Maintenance System provides maintenance technicians with all the tools they need to keep their clients safe and their facility proactively maintained. You want the specific tools needed to be handy and the required parts to be ordered and delivered. You don’t want your crew running back and forth to the store or the truck. The Mobile-Shop System is a simple and robust solution that conforms to lean design principles while drastically improving productivity for maintenance and engineering staff.  

Mobile-Shop provides a complete tool bag, carts with tools, a parts resupply center, storage lockers, and a golf cart utility bed:

  • • Brand-name tools guaranteed for life
  • • Innovative design
  • • Rugged craftsmanship
  • • Plenty of storage
  • • Industry-specific options
  • • Customer service that sets the mark for quality
  • • And so much more

Plus, Mobile-Shop is manufactured in the U.S.A. at our Ohio facility!

Mobile-Shop’s Efficiency Has Been Proven by The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering 

The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering performed a study of the Mobile-Shop® System. Their conclusions? Read on.

  • • Increase productivity by 36% per employee by eliminating needless trips to the shop
  • • Save over 140 hours per employee per month in recaptured time
  • • Most products have an average 2.5-month return on investment (ROI) 
  • • Quickly and effectively eliminate your backlog of maintenance requests
  • • Present a more organized, professional image with branded carts
  • • Improve safety with tools properly secured and easily accounted for 

Source: Based on the results of The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering Study of the Mobile-Shop® System in use February-July 2009.

I hope this blog has been informative as to ways in which you can make your senior living facility maintenance more efficient and less costly. But we’re curious about your perspective. What is the biggest source of wasted time and lack of efficiency at your job? We’d love to hear from you.

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