Iowa Farm Bureau Finds A Secret Weapon to Efficient Maintenance

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Iowa Farm Bureau has been in business for over 100 years. They started as being an advocate for farmers, being an economic driver that helped benefit agriculture. While a lot has changed over this century, one thing remains the same, their eagerness to strengthen Iowa's agriculture and help farming communities thrive. Iowa Farm Bureau is continuously working on new innovations and ways to improve and enhance the state's agriculture. They have 100 facilities in 99 counties across the state of Iowa. 

The Problem 

With huge facilities across the state, it takes a powerful team to maintain them. Steve Flug, the property manager at one of their west campuses, oversees four buildings, making sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. His maintenance staff was finding it difficult to complete jobs in a timely manner because of the constant need to run back and forth for tools. Especially when it came to large projects, they were not able to bring with them all the materials they would need. Steve's team of six is responsible for all maintenance needs between four facilities on their campus, and their process wasn't efficient. The team needed help. 

The Solution 

Steve Flug was at a BOMA Trade show one year when he was introduced to Mobile-Shop. He immediately saw a solution for his team's needs. Once he was able to get the purchase approved, the Mobile-Shop Carts were brought into their campus. His team was stunned at how professional the carts were, having every tool they could possibly need. They liked it so much that the members of Steve's team were afraid to be the first one to use it; they didn't want to mess it up. Steve had to finally tell them, "It isn't a trophy. Get out and use it." Once they began using the cart, the team quickly realized how helpful it was to have all the equipment they needed with them and began using the cart daily.  

The Mobile-Shop Cart has truly been a time saver, especially when it comes to big projects. The cart is kept in their main, larger building, which is around 500,000 square feet. With an area that large to cover, the cart has proven to be a solid solution. When the team doesn't need the full cart, the detachable tool bag provides a convenient way to travel to different parts of the campus for other jobs with every tool needed at their fingertips. 

"It is very evident that the Mobile-Shop Cart has saved us time, we have been able to create a great system around using the cart, and it's noticeable to all,"

- Steve Flug, Property Manager at Iowa Farm Bureau.  

There is one team member whose job it is to keep up with inventory, making sure tools are in their correct spots, and keeping up with what is missing or needs to be replaced. Having the labeled pockets on the tool bag and overall organization of the tool cart has made taking inventory a very easy task for him, taking less than a minute to inventory the entire cart. 

Overall, Steve is more than satisfied with the Mobile-Shop System and how it has helped his maintenance team save time and create efficiency with their projects. He refers to himself as one of Mobile-Shop's #1 supporters! 

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