Ineffective Storage Creates Question of Professionalism Within Maintenance Department

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A very large maintenance department whose main facilities include multifamily and commercial office was faced with an issue: they were ineffectively storing and keeping up with their tools to get jobs done. Not only was this causing a problem in the efficiency of the job, but many of their maintenance workers were getting cuts and abrasions from trying to find their tools in an unorganized tool bag or bucket. Beyond the worry of their workers' health, the next question that came to mind was, "how does this look to our tenants?"   

The Problem   

Employees were storing and transporting tools in an ineffective and unorganized manner. Often, just fitting what tools they could in a pocket to transport to a job site. This hurt productivity tremendously as workers would have to continually leave the job to go back and get the tools they needed.    

The Senior Director of Maintenance Operations, Ed Groleau, realized they needed a solution and a more effective way of handling tools and presenting themselves on job sites. As a company, they wanted to portray a more professional image. Having workers showing up with a bucket along with cuts and scrapes just wasn't cutting it. Ed began evaluating the Mobile-Shop Tool Bags and realized it would be a perfect fit.     

"The company we work for, we really wanted to portray a more professional image, and provide some consistency in appearance, not only that but apply some organization to their tools,"
- Ed Groleau, Senior Director of Maintenance Operations. 


The Solution  

After bringing in the first Mobile-Shop Tool Bag, Ed's team was instantly able to see the difference it created. Having a bag that was equipped for any and all jobs, was easy to carry, and had labeled pockets for each tool allowed the maintenance team to feel confident when going to their jobs. Having the tool bag created consistency in appearance between all the maintenance technicians. It helped indicate to the customer that the person standing in front of them is a professional. 

"Carrying the Mobile-Shop Tool Bags, our maintenance technicians are more confident in their abilities. Their presentation is much more professional. And the credibility that's given to them by the customers has increased,"
- Ed Groleau

The company decided to roll out the Mobile-Shop Tool Bag enterprise-wide and ordered 500 bags in which every new technician is issued. Due to having the tools they need with them onsite, technicians can get the job done quickly and efficiently without worrying about getting cuts from digging in their tool bag or bucket. Maintenance technicians companywide appreciate the company's support by giving them the proper equipment needed to get the job done. 

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