How a Maintenance Team Achieves Efficiency Working Between Buildings

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Kiewit Companies is one of the largest, most-respected construction and engineering organizations in the United States. With offices that span throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, they consistently rank as one of the top 10 contractors. Even though they have their name on some big multi-million-dollar projects, Kiewit can also take on smaller projects by having local operating districts.      

Despite their recognizable name, it's the people on the inside that help keep things operating smoothly. Mainly, their maintenance engineering team that makes sure that all the Kiewit offices are operating in top shape and fixes any issue that presents itself.       

The Problem    

Reginald Gillispie, a Facility Engineer at Kiewit, stays busy all day long on projects - anything from fixing a desk to repairing mechanical equipment for the operation building. Even though he has been in the industry for years, he and his team were still playing the "guessing game" when it came to which tools they would need for a project. Most of the time, they would just grab what they thought would work and head to the job. Or the team would go and analyze the project first, determine what they thought they needed, and then go back for the tools. This resulted in a lot of back and forth between the job site and the maintenance department. Running between two buildings was taking a lot of time out of their day. Most of the time, in the event of having to go back to get a tool, they would get stopped by someone needing help on a different project. Reginald felt helpless at times because his hands were just tied for time.      

"It's difficult being on the job and not having what you need. You don't realize the time it takes out of your day having to go back and forth to find what you need,"
- Reginald Gillispie, Facility Engineer at Kiewit.

Reginald had first heard about Mobile-Shop from his boss, who had the chance to meet the team in person at a tradeshow. To him, it sounded like a great solution to some of the many problems they were facing in the maintenance department. In 2016, Reginald was able to see a Mobile-Shop Cart for himself and realized how handy one could truly be. At that point, they decided to purchase the HT Engineering Cart.     

The Solution   

The HT Engineering Cart instantly saved the facility engineering team at Kiewit time. They no longer had to play the guessing game when it came to preparing for projects. They were able to take the cart and have everything they would need right there with them.      

Having to work between two buildings became even easier as the HT Engineering Cart was very easy to travel with. One thing that has stood out the most is how well the cart has held up in one of their buildings that requires them to travel on very uneven surfaces and over a ton of bumps. The bigger tires and portability made getting through the building an effortless task.     

"The HT Engineering Cart has proved itself on our most uneven surfaces; we can easily travel to the job site without the worry of how we get our tools there," - Reginald Gillispie   

After having much success with the HT Engineering Cart, Kiewit decided to invest in 3 PM Carts. Having these carts has helped them in their larger buildings. They can keep more on the cart, and the team can work on separate jobs in half the time.      

Another unexpected way the Mobile-Shop Carts have helped the team is by giving them the ability to easily identify when something is missing. The carts have distinctive, labeled places for each tool. If something is missing on the cart or was not put back, it is easy to quickly evaluate and act on getting it replaced.      

"It has been nice to not only save time on the job but reducing the time it takes to replace tools. At any given time, I can quickly skim our inventory and know exactly what is missing," - Reginald Gillispie

Reginald is very pleased with how much more he can get done in a day by traveling around with his Mobile-Shop Cart. Now, he can prioritize orders and complete jobs confident that he has the right equipment to get the job done properly.  


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