Another Project Complete with Mobile-Shop

The Mobile-Shop Tool Bag is your all-in-one kit for any project you need to complete. The Tool Bag comes loaded with over 90 of the most commonly needed tools and parts, all labeled clearly so you can quickly pack up your tool bag and never lose one of your tools again. Whether you need to hang a photo in the living room or fix that leak in your sink, the Mobile-Shop Tool Bag is your secret weapon. We want to show you some of the ways our team uses their Mobile-Shop Tool Bag.  

Car Side View Mirror

Ever walk out to your vehicle in the morning only to find out one of your side-view mirrors has been swiped off? We’ve been there. Taking your vehicle to the shop can be costly, but with your Mobile-Shop Tool Bag, you’re one step closer to being back on the road. Tools used: 6 in 1 Tool, Brush. Watch how.

 Gif from Mobile Shop Project Complete Video Car Window


Outdoor Electrical Outlet

The outdoors can be even more enjoyable with some of the comforts of home. Watch our CEO, Angelo Mazzella, use his Mobile-Shop Tool Bag to install an electrical outlet outside of his home. Tools used: Voltage Tester, Lineman Pliers, Wire Strippers, Electrical Tape, Center Punch, Hammer, 11 in 1 Screwdriver, Scissors.

 Angelo fixing electrical gif


Indoor Blinds

If your home is anything like ours, you have no shortage of honey to-do list items. Watch as National Account Manager, David Milford, uses his Mobile-Shop Tool Bag to install some blinds in his house. Tools used: 11 in 1 Screwdriver, Standard Tip Screwdriver.  

Gif from Mobile Shop Project Complete Blinds


Whatever project you need to complete, the Mobile-Shop Tool Bag has the tools to help you succeed. This tool organization system is your one-stop-shop for anything that you’re fixing, building, installing, or creating. 

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