5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

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Now more than ever, prioritizing employee morale is crucial for companies to grow and thrive. A study conducted by the Department of Defense found that employee morale is directly linked to productivity. Increasing employee happiness is a business decision that will jump-start efficiency and can trickle down to tenants and customers. So, how can companies get started? Here are our 5 tips for boosting employee morale in your business.  

1. Communication 

Regardless of your industry, it is important to always be looking for ways to boost productivity, eliminate misunderstandings, and save time. Solid workplace communication can help get your team on the fast track to accomplishing these goals. According to McKinsey Global, productivity can be expected to increase by 20-25% in companies where employees are connected. Additionally, improving communication in your work environment helps to decrease confusion, keeps people on task, and keeps your team aligned. Some simple ways you can improve communication in your organization include investing in communication tools like work order software, organize meetings with a strong agenda, and implement an open-door policy.   

2. Give Employees Recognition  

If you could quadruple revenue without spending a dime, would you do it? According to a study conducted by Smarp, high-performing company culture leads to 4 times larger revenue growth. The study also notes that 37% of employees said that receiving recognition from their managers was the most important support method for them. One of the easiest ways to boost employee morale in your organization and to encourage revenue growth is by recognizing when someone is doing a job well done.   

3. Promote a Supportive Environment  

In order to increase overall morale, you need to cultivate a supportive environment. Keeping the shop organized and purchasing the right equipment is a good place to start. Investing in equipment like the Mobile-Shop System can help to reduce your employees’ stress and promote an increase in productivity. In fact, our customers enjoy an average 36% increase in productivity, 148 labor hours saved per year, and a 2.5 month return on investment after implementing Mobile-Shop. The Mobile-Shop System of tool carts and tool bags helps save you time, money, and promotes a supportive environment in your business.  

4. Receive Employee Feedback  

Receiving and implementing employee feedback is an important step toward boosting morale and increasing engagement. According to an article by TruQu, over 51% of the American workforce does not feel engaged with their work. So how does this impact your bottom line? According to the engagement institute, under-engaged employees cost businesses between $450-$550 billion per year. Not only can receiving and implementing employee feedback prevent your company from adding to this statistic, but the feedback can give you a new perspective and ideas.  

5. Encourage Employees to Enjoy Breaks  

One of the issues many employers are facing, especially now, is employee burn out. Encouraging your team to fully enjoy their time away from the job site will help them keep their minds clear and promote high-quality work.  

Want to start your company on its journey to boosting employee happiness and productivity? Invest in the Mobile-Shop System today: https://info.mobile-shop.com/complete-system  

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